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This statement is about how Hverdag AS collects and uses information about visitors to Cupido websites. Hverdag AS (organization number 912019136) is responsible for the processing of personal data collected on the Cupido website.

Personal data being processed

You can use Cupido's websites in different ways. Below we will describe our processing of personal data by using the service on Cupido's website and by being a member of the Cupido Club.

Personal information is data and assessments that can be linked to an individual. For example, name, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address. It can also be a combination of the above that makes it possible to trace which person it is.


How information is obtained

Cupido collects information through forms on our website and when visiting through cookies. This information is voluntary. If you choose not to disclose your personal information, we may be prevented from giving you access to the product or service. You can manage cookies through your browser settings and other tools.

Cupido Account users (registered users who want to receive newsletters and buy C +)

  1. Email - Mandatory
  2. Address - Volunteer
  3. Email Newsletter - Voluntary
  4. Payment via PayEx, Vipps, any other payment method (when purchasing a service)
  5. Information about your use of the website, such as which subpages are visited, browser settings through Google Analytics.

Cupido Club members (registered users using our dating site)

  1. Email - Mandatory
  2. Gender - Mandatory
  3. Country / Residence - Mandatory
  4. Age - Mandatory
  5. Cookies / Cookie - Mandatory
  6. Pictures - Optional
  7. Profile information (Profile text and entered data at registration) that may be sensitive - Optional
  8. Payment via Payex, Vipps, any other payment method (when purchasing a service)

Information about your use of the website, such as which subpages are visited, browser settings through Google Analytics.Hverdag AS has a data processing agreement with its partners. None of the information left on Cupido Club or Cupido Account shares Hverdag AS with others. The exception to this rule is if Hverdag AS receives a court order from the Norwegian police on the disclosure of information in connection with a possible criminal case.

Hverdag AS will also store information when you contact us through e-mail, for example. Hverdag AS does not collect social security numbers or personal credit card information. You have the opportunity to subscribe to newsletters. If you signed up to receive a newsletter but change your mind, you can easily unsubscribe from the service. Hverdag AS has an agreement with Mailchimp for sending out newsletters.

When creating a Cupido Club profile, a valid email must be left. This must be linked to the member / you. The email is used for verification of your membership, obtaining consent, and for sending out a new password if you request it. You must ensure that e-mail associated with your user profile is valid and that you have the opportunity to manage it. No one is required to provide visible email in their own user profile. 

When paying C +, VIP and VIP + membership on Hverdag AS has entered into an agreement with Nets, PayEx and Vipps from DNB. In addition, the customer can choose to transfer money directly to Hverdag AS's account in DNB. No information about bank cards or mobile numbers is stored on Hverdag AS's servers. 

In order to create a user-friendly website, it is crucial to look at visitors and members' usage patterns. We get this information through Google Analytics. Cookies / cookies are used (text files that the website stores on the user's machine). These record the IP address, as well as the movements the visitor makes on the website. Examples of what the statistics give us are; how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from and which browsers are used. None of the cookies allow us to link information about your use of the site to you as an individual. This is information that is not stored at Hverdag AS, but on Google Analytics servers.

An IP address is defined as a personal information because it can be traced back to a specific hardware and thus to an individual. Hverdag AS uses Google Analytics tracking code which anonymizes the IP address before the information is stored and processed by Google. Thus, the stored IP address cannot be used to identify the individual user.


How is the information stored?

Information obtained through our websites and cookies is stored in our own system and other own systems, as well as in our partners' systems, to fulfill the purpose of the collection. Information collected through the operation of Cupido's websites is stored on servers with an agreement between Hverdag AS and Microsoft Azure. 

Hverdag AS has an agreement with Spire digital AS on the operation of servers, backup, technical maintenance and upgrading of operating systems.Employees in the administration (in Hverdag AS and Spire Digital AS) have access to and email addresses registered on the user profiles.

Cupido's web pages are moderated and Cupido's moderators have access to public profile information and all photos, including those marked as private, uploaded to the user profile gallery. Moderator does not have access to e-mail and password, nor to personal messages (except for reported message). 

Only the concept and development manager and technical manager at Hverdag AS, as well as the technician at Spire Digital AS, have access to information beyond those mentioned above. A separate data processing agreement has been established between Hverdag AS and Spire Digital AS which regulates the type of information Spire Digital AS has access to and how it should be processed.


Cookies / Cookies

Like most other websites, we collect information automatically and store it in log files on our servers. This is information such as the type of browser used on our pages, operating systems, date and time of visit, and some navigation data. We use the information we collect to analyze trends so that we can make our website better for you who visit us online. The information is only intended to be processed internally by us. We never store information that can identify you personally. More info about Cookies can be found here.

How do we secure the information

Cupido websites are only available via HTTPS. Upon login, passwords are salted and hashed before storage. Hashing means that the password is run through a "one-way function". When the member enters their password on, we run the same function and see if the hash value matches the one stored in the database. If it does, the member lets in. However, the function cannot be run the other way to find what the password is - if the member has forgotten the password, a new password must therefore be created by clicking the "Forgot password" button.


When will the information be deleted?

If you actively choose to cancel your Cupido Account or Cupido Club membership, the user account or user profile will remain disabled for 28 days before information is deleted. This will also delete any pictures associated with the profile, received messages, diary and other profile items. Posts made in the comments section of articles and in Forums or Groups will remain, but profile names will be anonymized. If you do not log in to your user profile within one year, the same will happen. 

Information that you leave by shopping (buying payment services) in is kept for 5 years in accordance with the norwegian Bookkeeping Act, cf. Section 13 of the Bookkeeping Act.


Recipients of the information

None of the information left on Cupido Club or Cupido Account shares Hverdag AS with others. The exception to this rule is if Hverdag AS receives a court order from the Norwegian police on the disclosure of information in connection with a possible criminal case. The personal information is not shared with third parties, but Cupido may use subcontractors to deliver all or part of the website, such as Comet Chat.



You have the right to access the personal data about you and how they are processed. You may also require correction, deletion and restrictions in the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The processing of personal data is based on consent, and you can withdraw the consent at any time. If you believe that Hverdag AS has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to appeal to the relevant supervisory authority. This is done by sending a complaint to the Data Inspectorate in Norway, contact information is available at


Changes to the Privacy Statement

Hverdag AS reserves the right to change the privacy statement at any time. Such a change will apply from the time an updated privacy statement is published on Hverdag AS. 




Remember that you must send the email from the email address registered in your profile!

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