Image rules in Cupido Club

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Rules for photos in open galleries (including profile picture / cover photo), Forums and Groups.

The images should not have explicit sexual content, show genitalia, censorred or focus on crotch / buttocks / tits - with or without clothing. There is focus when steps, buttocks / buttocks and tits are a significant eye-catcher in the picture and / or the situation is perceived as exposing.

Images that were not approved are automatically deleted. Images can be uploaded again in the private gallery as long as they comply with general image rules.

Acceptance of image rules

By uploading photos in the Cupido Club, the member guarantees that the photos comply with the picture rules of this user agreement.

Moderation of images

Images published in the members' open galleries, including profile picture/ cover photo, must be approved by Cupido's moderators. However, the moderator cannot know which images the member has or does not have rights to use. The fact that an image is approved by the moderator does not mean that Cupido gives the member the right to use the image. Publishing pictures is done solely at the member's responsibility.

Reference is also made to paragraph 2 of the User Agreement - Acceptance of Rules - which states that "in enforcing the rules of the Cupido Club there will be a need to show discretion. Members accept that Cupido's moderators exercise such discretion on behalf of the community".

Pictures in personal messages (PM)
It is not illegal to send someone a picture of yourself naked. However, if you send nude or expilicite images to someone who does not want it, it can be considered sexually offensive behavior which is punishable by fines or imprisonment (Norwegian law section 298 of the Penal Code). You can get a two-year prison sentence for sharing nude or other offensive images without consent.


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