Cupido Club User Agreement

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Cupido Club is an online community and a contact and dating site that recognizes that pleasure and sexuality are an important prerequisite for good relationships. Women and men, couples and singles - and everyone else, seeking inspiration, friendship, love and meeting are welcome as a member of the Cupido Club.

1 - Acceptance of rules

By signing up and being a member of the Cupido Club you accept the "User agreement for the Cupido Club" and the rules that Hverdag AS as the owner forms the basis for the operation of the Cupido Club online community.

Enforcing the rules of the Cupido Club will, to some extent, require discretion. As a member of the Cupido Club, it is accepted that Cupido's moderators display such discretion on behalf of the community. Any protests or discussion about rules and moderator decisions should be directed directly to and shall not be published on Cupido Club's pages, on social media or other websites. Such public publication is regarded as a breach of the user agreement with the consequences it entails.

2 - Profiles

To use the offers and services of the Cupido Club, you must register as a member and create a personal profile.

The profile must be associated with an email address that must be valid as long as the profile is active. All communication between the member and the Cupido Club, including the "Forgot Password", is dependent on the validity of the email address and that the mail sent to the specified email address is read by the member.

The email address is also used for important notifications that are important to the membership and general information provided by the Cupido Club. The email address will not be visible to other members at any time, nor will Cupido disseminate or sell the information about the address to a third party.

The Member is responsible for anything published or disseminated on or from the member's profile. It is not allowed to assign passwords and / or usernames to others.

Cupido does not accept responsibility for the correctness of the members' personal information.

Cupido does not monitor communication between users. Therefore, Cupid cannot be loaded for any conflicts or other problems that may arise between users.

The membership of the Cupido Club is personal.

3 - What you can't do in Cupido Club

3.1 - Pictures and texts

It is not allowed to upload / publish images and texts that are protected by the copyrights of others.

It is not allowed to publish photographs showing recognizable persons other than those or the person with the profile.

It is not allowed to publish images that may be perceived as infringing or contain email addresses, personal information and / or advertisements.

You are not allowed to publish photos in open galleries (including profile picture / cover photo), Forums and Groups that are censorred, have explicit sexual content, display gender or focus on steps / buttocks / tits - with or without clothing. Focusing is considered when crotch, butt / butt crack and tits are a significant eye-catcher in the picture and / or the situation is perceived as exposing.

See also the full rules for using images in galleries, forums and groups in section 9.

3.2 - Profiles

You are not allowed to use or post misleading profile information for the purpose of tricking other members into contacting false terms; this can be information about gender, age, marital status and choice of profile picture.

You are not allowed to use any usernames, profile descriptions or other content that is infringing or unlawful or otherwise violates the website's general policy or guidelines.

You are not allowed to post your name, address, email / email reference (such as ICQ / MSN / Facebook / Skype / Snapchat / Kik), phone numbers or other personal information in profile descriptions or other open pages of Cupido Club.

It is not allowed to create profiles for or on behalf of organizations, commercial actors, party organizers or other organizers and night outings, or as journalists, researchers, therapists etc., without Cupido's written consent.

You are not allowed to post content - text or images - from other Cupido Club websites or other profiles on your own profile page.

3.3 - Behavior

It is not allowed to send sexually explicit photos in private messages (PM) to other members who have not requested it. This is considered and will be treated as blotting.

It is not allowed to bully or display threatening, defamatory, racist, discriminatory and harassing behavior. This also applies in private messages, such as when members reject input from other members or are rejected by other members.

It is not allowed to request or offer sex reunions, or use jargon that can be construed as an invitation to prostitution.

It is not allowed to disseminate information that may cause other members to be identified, or to pass on any information provided by others in the Cupido Club's private rooms (private messages, private chat rooms and closed groups) without the consent of the other.

You are not allowed to contact or monitor other members who have blacklisted you or explicitly terminated contact with you.

It is not allowed to promote services, products and websites or use the Cupido Club for mass broadcasting, be it commercial or private.

It is not permitted to circumvent the provisions of this User Agreement by using features and tools other than those specified for the member's membership level.

4 - Age Limit

The lower age limit in the Cupido Club is 18 years.

5 - Termination of membership

The member can delete their profile at Cupido Club at any time. Any outstanding membership fees are not refundable.

If you actively choose to terminate your membership profile be left disabled for 28 days before information is deleted. This will also delete any pictures associated with the profile, received messages, diary and other profile items. Posts made in the comments section of articles and in Forums or Groups will remain, but profile names will be anonymized. If you do not log in to your profile within one year, the same will happen.

Information that you leave by shopping (buying payment services) in Cupido is kept for 5 years according to the Accounting Act, cf. Section 13 of the Accounting Act.

6 - Caution

Be extremely careful when posting photos or other personal information on open or closed pages of the Cupido Club or arrange meetings on other websites or in real life. The member should be reasonably sure that they know the other well enough to show their trust. In any case, the member takes responsibility for what they hand out to others and what happens in meetings with others.

7 - Moderation

Cupido's Websites are moderated and Cupido's moderators may, without notice, block profiles or modify or remove content that violates the terms of this User Agreement. Cupido assumes no responsibility for the members' loss of data upon deletion or blocking. Payment for blocked membership is non-refundable. Cupido can refuse new membership to members who have their profile blocked.

Members are encouraged to protect the environment of the Cupido Club by reporting breach of this User Agreement to Cupido's moderators. When reporting content in personal messages (PM), the message text that is reported becomes available to the moderator.

8 - Consequences of breaches of law and regulations

In addition to blocking a profile, violation of laws and regulations may result in reporting to the member's web provider. In the event of a police report, the police may, on suspicion of unlawful actions, demand a visit log and content in a member's profile provided.

Violation of copyright and privacy regulations may result in legal and financial liability under the Copyright Act and the Penal Code. In case of any claims against Cupido, Cupido will seek recourse from the profile holder.

9 - Pictures

Image rules in general

The member can only upload their own images - and others' images that are not protected by copyright (public domain).

Photographs with recognizable persons can only show the profile holder, or possibly with consent from the partner if the profile is a couple profile.

The images should not be infringing or contain e-mail addresses, personal information and advertising.

Erotic images are allowed as long as they stay within general publication law.

Rules for photos in open galleries (including profile picture / cover photo), Forums and Groups.

The images should not have explicit sexual content, show genitalia, censorred or focus on crotch / buttocks / tits - with or without clothing. There is focus when steps, buttocks / buttocks and tits are a significant eye-catcher in the picture and / or the situation is perceived as exposing.

Images that were not approved are automatically deleted. Images can be uploaded again in the private gallery as long as they comply with general image rules.

Acceptance of image rules

By uploading photos in the Cupido Club, the member guarantees that the photos comply with the picture rules of this user agreement.

Moderation of images

Images published in the members' open galleries, including profile picture/ cover photo, must be approved by Cupido's moderators. However, the moderator cannot know which images the member has or does not have rights to use. The fact that an image is approved by the moderator does not mean that Cupido gives the member the right to use the image. Publishing pictures is done solely at the member's responsibility.

Reference is also made to paragraph 2 of the User Agreement - Acceptance of Rules - which states that "in enforcing the rules of the Cupido Club there will be a need to show discretion. Members accept that Cupido's moderators exercise such discretion on behalf of the community".

10 - Cupido Forum and Cupido Groups

All forum and group activity should be relevant to the purpose of the forum or group in question. Members participating in the Cupido Forum undertake to familiarize themselves with the Rules of the Cupido Forum and the Advice for Debtors. Forum threads with outdated content may be closed or deleted. Groups that have not been active for the past six months are automatically deleted.

11 - Quotation

Cupido can quote from posts the member posts in the Forum and open Groups. Quotes can be used editorially in the magazine Cupido and in marketing Cupido and Cupido Club. When citing, username is anonymized.

12 - The User Agreement is subject to change

Cupido may make changes to this User Agreement. New updates will be notified.

13 - The site content is subject to change

Cupido may change or remove offers and features without prior notice, including offers and features reserved for VIP/VIP+ members.

14 - Cookies & Google Analytics

By using Cupido's websites, you consent to cookies being placed in the member's browser. Read more about how Cookies and Google Anaytics are used on Cupido website!

15 - Cupido's responsibility

Cupido does not guarantee any minimum uptime and is not responsible for information that is recorded, received, stored, sent or otherwise made available on Cupido's website beyond what is required by mandatory Norwegian law. Cupido takes no responsibility for content on websites that Cupido or Cupido Club members link to or provide information about. Cupido is not responsible for the member's use of the Website or for direct or indirect consequences of the Member's use of the Website. Cupido cannot be held responsible for any events, situations or financial losses caused by meetings or agreements between users in real life. Cupido is not responsible for unauthorized access to and misuse of the site or data loss as long as Cupido's website has a level of security that is in line with generally accepted industry requirements. Cupido assumes no responsibility for loss and / or destruction of data and / or disruption of information flow, caused by third party actions or as a result of operational disturbances.

The responsible publisher of Cupido's website is Hverdag as. When referring to Cupido in this User Agreement is meant in the legal sense Hverdag as. By Cupido's website, or website, is meant here websites where Cupido's name is included in the domain name owned by Hverdag AS.

16 - Takeover

You acknowledge that the agreement you entered into with Cupido Club by agreeing to the User Agreement may be taken over by another company wholly or partly, directly or indirectly owned by Hverdag AS, or to a third party in connection with an acquisition or business transfer which includes the Cupido Club service.

17 - Privacy

By registering in the Cupido Club, you also accept the Privacy Policy on the Cupido website.

18 - Contact

Do you have questions about membership or service?
Contact Cupido Club by e-mail to
Remember that you must send the email from the email address registered in your profile!

Postal address: Hverdag AS, Karl Johans gate 8, NO 0154 Oslo – Norway.
Organization number: 912019136