Cupido Account User Agreement

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What is Cupido account

Cupido Account is Cupido Website's solution for secure login and payment on Cupido's website. With your Cupido account you can log in to the Cupido website or log in to the services found under the Cupido website - with the same email and password.

Consent Statement

When establishing a Cupido account, Hverdag AS collects some mandatory information about you. For Cupido account it applies: email and info, if applicable, payment method and cookies (cookies).

You can see what personal data is associated with you under "my account" when logged in.

You have access to correct and delete information about yourself.

Your personal information is handled by Hverdag AS until you actively choose to cancel your membership, or if you do not log in to your account within one year. Upon deleting the membership, your personal information will be deleted within 1 month.


By registering on the Cupido Website, you also accept the Privacy Statement using the Cupido website.

Cookies and Google Analytics

By using Cupido's websites, you consent to cookies being placed in the member's browser. Read more about how Cookies and Google Anaytics are used on Cupido website!

The User Agreement is subject to change.